Lake Atitlan
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Restaurant Hana Lite Fare Menu

Teriyaki Chicken Burger 照り焼きチキンバーガー Q55

Boneless chicken marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce topped with lettuce, mayo, sliced onion on a bun.

Tonkatsu Burger とんかつバーガー Q55

Deep fried pork cutlet topped with homemade tonkatsu sauce, mustard, and lettuce, on a bun.

Pescado Burger フィッシュバーガー Q55

Fried fish topped with home made wasabi sauce and lettuce on a bun.


Kougen Lettuce no Salad – 高原レタスのサラダ Q50

Lettuce with tomatos and assorted vegetables. Served with choice of salad dressing.

Wakame to Tofu no Salad - わかめと豆腐のサラダ Q60

Wakame seaweed and cubed tofu served on a bed of lettuce. Served with choice of salad dressing.

Salad Dressings

Ponzu -ポン酢

Citrus flavored soy sauce dressing.

Sesame – 胡麻

Soy sauce sesame and oil dressing.

Miso -味噌

Miso based dressing.

Ginger -生姜

Ginger flavored salad dressing.

Oil and Vinegar - –ビネガー

Traditional oil and vinegar salad dressing.