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Edamame - 枝豆 Q25

Edamame is a large-seeded, green soybean harvested before maturity, and is prepared by boiling in salted water.

Agedashi Tofu - 揚げ出し豆腐 Q25

Deep fried tofu steeped in a sweet sauce made of dashi and soy sauce.

Dengaku Tofu - 田楽豆腐 Q25

Grilled tofu with a sweet miso-glaze.

Tako no Sunomono - 蛸と胡瓜の酢の物 Q25

Thinly sliced boiled octopus and cucumber in a Japanese vinegar dressing.

Hiyayakko - 冷奴 Q25

Chilled soft tofu topped with green onions, fresh ground ginger and soy sauce.

Dashimaki Tamago -だし巻き玉子 Q15

Japanese style rolled egg omelet made with sweet dashi.

Ingen no Gomaae - いんげんの胡麻和え Q15

Green beans in a sesame dressing.

Ninjin no Kinpira - にんじんの金平 Q15

Carrot sautéed with sweet soy sauce and topped with sesame seeds.